Kreativshop Christuskirche

Welcome at the
Kreativshop Christuskirche

We are sorry that our pages are not available in plain English (yet).

Meanwhile you can use the Google translation service. The results are good enough to get most information, however as the sevice is completely automatic, some terms will be wrong. The following hints may be helpful:

  • Kreativshop Christ Church should be read as Kreativshop Christuskriche. Also the term Christ Church denotes the building named Christuskirche and should not be understood as a denomination. Eventually we will fix this during regular updates.
  • Our town named Lauf is sometimes translated to run. The term the course of the river Pegnitz shall be understood as the town Lauf at the river named Pegnitz.
  • Christmas is sometimes Christmas Market, sometimes advent.
  • The layout and menu of our page is somewhat destroyed. Same applies to a bigger extend to linked PDF pages.

Of course you can contact us via email in English language too.

Other languages

For other languages except German you can make your choice on the Google translator service bar on top of the page (when viewing our pages via Google translator service).